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Module 1: Getting Started with Online Dating (Choosing the best apps and sites) Module 2: Profiles that Attract a Great Match. Module 3: Pictures that Attract a Great Match - discover Online dating. Provide online compatibility matching Speed dating Priority: High Payments. Make payments for the membership and new introductions Record Adir P. Adir was struggling with his self-image and dating life after wasting tons of time with other coaches. Adir was able to sleep with 6 new women and find a girl who he had an amazing ... read more

I "Cracked The Code" And Was Like A Kid In A Candy Store Because I Discovered How To Create A Fully Optimized Dating Profile Which Attracts Hordes Of Women. I should have been on cloud 9 because women were showing interest in me. But there was one small problem - My messages were terrible. Yep…They were really awful. Women ghosted me before it was a "thing. I tried every approach and nothing worked. Do these message approaches look familiar?

I Had A Great Profile But Realized I Had Another HUGE Problem My Messages Were Awful. I Took The Initiative And Discovered Why Women Ignored My Messages. I created fake female profiles on Plentyoffish, Match. com, and OkCupid so I could see the messages men write to attractive women. It didn't take long for my fake female profiles to receive a ton of messages from men. I opened the messages that guys sent to my fake female profiles, and I was floored. Everything fell into place - It hit me like a landslide!

I Was Using The Same Approaches As Every Other Guy Which Ensured My Messages Were Ignored. Creating messages which didn't stand out - I never had a chance! The odds are you use the same approaches in your messages which is terrible news because so do most men. Do You Try And Start Conversations Using A Friendly Approach Which Shows A Lack of Effort?

Do You Compliment A Woman's Looks? Maybe You Tell Women You Have "Something In Common". You May Even Ask Women Out In Your First Message. Begging or Pleading Is Another Approach. You Might Think Your Message Is Good, But The Reality Is It's Boring. We All Send The Same Messages Making It Impossible To Stand Out. Yes, the messages above are actual messages from men on POF and Zoosk. Here's the harsh reality for these types of messages - they don't work.

I was guilty of using each of these approaches and several others which all failed miserably. I was lumped in with the hordes of other men who sent the exact messages I was. My terrible opening messages ensured I had zero chance of meeting someone which leads to the question:. How Do You Create A Message That Stand Outs In A Woman's Inbox? You Don't Stand A Chance And Will Never Get Responses Unless You Use The Right Approach In Your Messages. At that moment it hit me; I was just another guy whose messages got lost in a sea of boring messages.

Women weren't responding because my messages were dull, boring, and so similar to everyone else, I had zero chance to catch a woman's eye. At that moment I made a game-changing decision. I made a vow to myself: NO MORE average, non-engaging, run-of-the-mill, snooze-inducing messages which bore women to tears. I was going to figure out how to get responses, so I could date the high caliber women I wanted or die trying.

I would figure out how to get women to respond to my messages. I knew what I was doing "wrong," and now it was time to figure out how to do it "right. I was going to learn the right way to lead conversations with women while arousing their emotions and completely holding their attention.

Women wouldn't lose interest, and I would keep the conversation from losing steam because once a woman loses interest, she'll move on and it's back to square one. In a nutshell, I was going to map out the ideal way to message women from the start the opening message to finish meeting for a date. You Know The Cause Of Your Problem - Now It's Time For A Solution I brainstormed messages and wrote them out on little 3X5 index cards — I wrote down anything that came to mind no matter how ridiculous.

My inner nerd came out as I created spreadsheets which I used to track results ; which messages got responses, how many responses I got per message sent, and how quickly it would take to get a phone number.

I stepped out my comfort zone and wrote anything and everything that I thought would get responses. I joined several dating sites which maximized my testing range so I could determine which messages got the best results. I referred to my handy 3x5 cards as a reference and began sending messages. These weren't "copy and paste" messages but strategies to get responses:. A Solution Showing You How To Create Opening Messages Women Respond To And Never Ignore.

I sent messages commenting on each of section of a woman's profile to discover the ideal opening which could start a conversation. And yet, I crashed and burned as I always did , but it was different this time I wasn't looking to meet anyone; I only wanted to figure out the best way to get responses.

With each failure, I changed my approach - tweaking the message - looking for anything to "get my foot in the door" and start a conversation.

If a woman had a blank profile, I would use approaches which were completely different from a woman who had a fully written profile. I tore through 3x5 cards like a madman; quickly tossing the approaches that didn't work.

A Solution Showing You How To Keep Women Engaged In Conversations And Stops Them From "Ghosting" You. And guess what? Slowly, but surely, I got responses. When I started a conversation, I would focus on keeping the woman engaged and never bored. I no longer had a problem with women vanishing after they commented on my dating profile. A few weeks before, I would have been on cloud 9 to get a single response but now, like a crusader on a mission, I was determined to create messages which were foolproof.

My goal was simple; complete and utter domination of online dating, so a response every now and then was great, but I wanted messages all women responded to. If an opening message worked I would tweak it - and tweak it again - and tweak it some more - seeing the impact each change had.

A Solution Showing You How To Move From Online To Offline At Break Neck Speed. I could keep the conversation from fizzling out. I kept the momentum going strong, and women remained interested. I figured out how to lead the conversation with a woman - To engage her - To challenger her - To arouse and spark her desire to meet me. It was a long process. I made more mistakes than you can imagine, and it wasn't easy, but all this hard work was paying off.

I got phone numbers and went on dates constantly. I made a complete turnaround. Finally - I achieved utter domination on all the dating sites I used as a testing ground. At last! My confidence skyrocketed to levels it had NEVER reached in my life because I was meet meeting the head-turning women I always dreamed of. I continue using my approaches to this day on every dating site and app you can name.

A Solution That GETS YOU SWIFT RESULTS On Any Dating Site! A Solution Which Is A Winning Combination Of A Hypnotic Dating Profile PLUS A Messaging System That Ensures Women Respond At An Unbelievable Level! As I mentioned earlier, if you want to meet women — high caliber quality women - there are two keys for success on dating sites:.

A profile showing women you are the ultimate catch compared to other guys competing for their attention. Without both, you will never achieve success on dating sites and won't meet quality women. What does work is a PROVEN system which puts an end to failure and helps you meet women online. A system to get you over the hump and dominate on dating sites quickly…easily…effortlessly. THE Most Powerful, In Depth, One-Of-A-Kind System That Shows You How To Meet Women On Any Dating Site — Guaranteed!

The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System. The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System is a combination of two unique systems so you can master online dating in less than a day:. System 1: Dating Profile Guide. Science Has Given You The Ultimate Blueprint To Create A Mesmerizing Dating Profile Guaranteed To Boost Your Attractiveness. You read that right; science has laid out the formula so you can create a bulletproof dating profile end to end.

Yeah right! Prove it! The scientific community has been analyzing online dating since the first dating website launched in and continues examining dating sites to this day. These studies have access to a vast amount of data and use proven methods to analyze the behavior of men and women on dating sites.

For example:. The wrong photo, a bad attempt at humor, skipping certain questions, a poorly written summary section, even the wrong type of username can all have disastrous results for you. How would you like to have a resource with the inside scoop on what is PROVEN to work and not work on dating sites?

A tool which carves out a road-map to success and gives you the know-how to attract women and elevate your status with a hypnotic dating profile. Arm Yourself With These Courses Jam Packed With Scientifically Proven Ways To Create The Ultimate Dating Profile And Jump-Start Your Dating Life Right Now!

Dating Profile Guide Course 1: Magnetic Username. Dating Profile Guide Course 2: Hypnotic Headline. Dating Profile Guide Course 3: Just The Basics. Dating Profile Guide Course 4: Perfect Profile Portfolio. Dating Profile Guide Course 5: Flawless Self-Summary.

The Profile Guide Is So Comprehensive It Takes 5 Courses To Break Down Every Piece Of A Profile To Show You How To Create A Fully Optimized, Attention Grabbing, Attraction Inducing Masterpiece. To give you an idea of how much information I gathered, the photo below is a fraction of the studies, magazine articles, and notes I took while creating this guide. These 5 courses are crammed full of PROVEN facts, HELPFUL tips and LITTLE KNOWN secrets which will catapult your results to the next level.

And what about getting responses to your messages? I got you covered The second component of the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System is The Ninja Online Dating Simple Messaging System. System 2: Simple Messaging System. This is the most comprehensive messaging tool you can possess , hands down, as it filled to the brim with tips, strategies, and approaches which instantly gives you the ultimate edge when it comes to messaging women.

Turbocharge Your Results With These Remarkable Courses Jam-Packed With Tips and Tricks For Your Messages Which Give You A Huge Advantage! Messaging Course 1: Amazing Icebreakers. Messaging Course 2: Conversation Flow. Messaging Course 3: Seal The Deal. Once You Access This Comprehensive, Easy To Follow System, You'll Discover How To Master Conversations With Women - Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible! The beauty of the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System? It Works On ALL DATING SITES!

The Complete Ninja Online Dating Mastery System Helps You Create A Hypnotic Dating Profile And Master Conversations Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible On Any Dating Site.

The Dating Profile Guide Shows You How To Create A Dating Profile So Mesmerizing, Women Contact You First! Starting Conversations With Women Is Child's Play Once You Get Your Hands On The Icebreakers Course. Rest Easy - Conversations Are Smooth Sailing After You Master The "Conversation Flow" Course. Getting A Woman's Phone Number Is Simple Using Rejection-Proof Approaches Found In The "Seal The Deal" Course.

The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System Makes Online Dating So Simple - You'll Easily Get Results Like These.

How often do women swipe right only to vanish once you message them? How many times have women looked at your profile and never sent you a message? Imagine all that frustration, disappointment, and rejection disappearing instantly.

How great will it feel knowing you have a profile worthy of center stage and a system which ensures you get responses to messages. Conversations Are Simple With An End-To-End Messaging System At Your Disposal.

While all the other guys continue running in circles, you'll be off to the races, meeting and dating the women you've always desired. How wonderful it will be to have a powerful tool at your disposal which most guys have no clue even exists. I'm sure you're thinking how incredible it'll feel to get your hands on this life-changing system which shows you how to transform your dating life starting day one.

Meet The Women YOU Want With A Tool Most Men Would Give Their Right Arm For. The time an effort it took to master this stuff. Just look at what happens when you type in "Online Dating" on just one site which publishes studies:. There are over 2, studies about online dating on this site alone.

And yes, you'll have to pay money to access most studies on these sites. Do you really have the time to search for every study about online dating? Plus, you'll have to test everything and find out what works and what doesn't work. You save endless time, energy, and hundreds possibly thousands of dollars because I've already tracked down every study, and pieced them together in the best way to help you achieve massive success! To help absorb the enormous costs to create this system.

I have literally joined every dating site you can name to ensure my system remains current, and boy, the costs add up. I am a paying member of every dating site to continuously test my system, which means you always have an up-to-date tool to master online dating.

Don't forget - I based my system on countless studies which I had to pay to access and continue to pay when new studies are released as I mentioned above. Look at the cost to access one study about online dating.

I've downloaded, read, and tested these studies so you won't have to pay to do all the dirty work. And just think, if you're a paying member on a dating site right now, you are throwing away money trying to "figure out" how to create a great profile and get responses to your messages Whereas I've done all the heavy lifting so you can glide in and start on cruise control - avoiding all the hard work, time, and stress because I've already created a PROVEN road map for you.

To keep away the freebie seekers. I didn't create this system for a quick buck. I put a considerable amount of time and money into the system and want this in the hands of guys like you. Guys who are ready to make a commitment to meet someone and succeed on dating sites. Download The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System And Become An Online Dating Virtuoso. And I know how it feels for women to suddenly "unmatch" or vanish never to be heard from again.

It can be emotionally draining to put time into a conversation, only to have a woman pull a disappearing act. You Can Literally Change Everything In Minutes And Start Conversations With The Women YOU Want To Meet!

PLUS, a one of a kind messaging system which shows you how to quickly start conversations with women who respond at an electrifying level. With These Courses In Your Hands, You'll Be A Force To Be Reckoned With - You'll Have A Dating Profile And Messages Second To None!

It doesn't matter if you want a relationship or if you want to date casually; you will have everything you need to dominate online dating.

I've Got A Pile Of Extra Bonuses For You. Bonus 1: Self-Summary Creator. Bonus 2: Dating Profile Cheat Sheet. Bonus 3: Ultimate Dating App Bio. Bonus 4: Message Checklist. Bonus 5: Icebreaker Flowchart.

Bonus 6: More Amazing Icebreakers. Bonus 7: Power Words List. The 7 bonuses are yours FREE when you download the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System today. With The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System And Free Bonuses, You'll Be A Force To Be Reckoned With And Essentially Unstoppable. Do you want to start having conversations with women so you can find a relationship?

Do you really want to spend another weekend alone? Even worse, do you want to be old and alone in some retirement home by yourself? The Money You Spend Can Always Be Made Back But Five MORE Minutes Of Time Alone Is Time Lost And Gone Forever. The countless time you spend alone or meeting the woman of your dreams right now so you can start THAT relationship you've longed for so long. A woman to spend time with and fill that empty void.

A woman to share your life with. A woman who finally makes life worth living. I wish someone had offered me a tool like this when I started online dating. I would have spared myself the frustration and a lot of sleepless nights wondering why I wasn't meeting someone.

The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System solves the problem of how to get responses to your messages and how to put up an eye-catching profile guaranteed to make you captivating with women.

Are You Skeptical This Guide Can Help You? I even used tricks a few Online Dating Love gurus suggested, but nothing worked. It was a waste of time and money, and to be honest, I felt like I was ripped off. Or maybe you think I have something to hide; something that will surprise and disappoint you — STOP! When you download this system and follow it end-to-end, I can virtually guarantee your success on dating sites.

I assure you nobody else gives you a full year guarantee for their "so-called" online dating solutions. It's as simple and painless as THAT! With A Full Year Money Back Guarantee - You Literally Can't Lose! That means - if you choose - you'll see all the work I've done - absolutely for free. And that comes out of my pocket.

Why on Earth am I doing this? But I'm not worried at all. You know why? Because I've tried everything, read everything, and bought everything to get dates online and nothing worked until I created this system. I LOVE how I can put up a fully optimized dating profile and have women send me messages first.

I'm betting - my own money - that you're going to be so amazed at your results that asking for your money back will be the last thing on your mind. Anyone serious about meeting women online will understand why I'm excited for you to get your hands on this system. So, you have a FULL year to give this a go - Risk-FREE! Look at it this way, over the course of a year you'll be spending a little more than a quarter a day!

What else can you get for 27 cents? For Slightly More Than 25 Cents A Day, You Have A Tool Which Helps You Achieve Massive Success On ANY Dating Site! Either way, you're coming out on top, so it's impossible to go wrong. I'm literally giving this away to you. Keep doing it on your own - hoping to get a response or two while striking out with a woman who is your ideal match because you aren't willing to invest 27 cents a day. Or the better choice…The savvy choice The choice that will help you right now Gain The Ultimate Edge And Transform Your Life Instantly With.

Make your first impression count with an eye-catching dating profile and messages which are guaranteed to make you more captivating with women. Everything you need to meet QUALITY women and change your life forever is just a click away. Download the complete system and hit the ground running so you can put up a five-star dating profile and rejection-proof messages putting you in a class of your own.

Put Your Dating Profile On Autopilot! It's Time For You To "Go Ninja" Or "Go Home". This radically different system is Jam Packed with valuable information showing you How to quickly b ecome an online dating messaging virtuoso by teaching you the skills necessary to dominate online dating using a system you can use over and over again - on any dating site - Forever. Be sure to act now as you may never see it again at this low price. A Few Messages From Satisfied Guys Who Were Once In Your Shoes.

This course gave me more head knowledge and ammo to continue on my online dating journey No BS advice. BE WARNED This system was a splash of cold water in my face. I was tired of messing up and wasting my time with the wrong messages story of my life. I needed some guidance and Jeez, did I find it. This is timeless and a true eye opener. Not only filled with invaluable information but great advice to I will never use elevator talk in my messages again! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! No over the top tactics.

Facts, examples, and tips that actually make sense. You helped me land a girl I've been seeing for the past 3 months on OkCupid. it makes it so much easier. Pure Alpha! I've done OK on dating sites but since I started using your courses I've done SO much better. This system should be the cornerstone of any dating program because it works like a charm.

There is no half-assing this or you are doing a disservice to yourself. I recommend this for any guy who wants to step out of their comfort zone and meet someone. You'll learn how to succeed in the short term and the long term. I wish I'd found this earlier, it would have saved me so much wasted time. I would have known some of the big red flags I was showing in my messages.

This kind of lays it out and has solid advice so you are not sending the wrong vibes in your messages. In my opinion, It's a GAME CHANGER!

I definitely recommend this system. Like Magic! Like a Swiss Clock! The results have surpassed anything I could have dreamed of. If a semi-overweight divorced father of three can meet someone, this can work for anyone. Pointed and Actionable! This is life changing if you're willing to make the effort If you're a guy struggling in the online dating arena, the information is an eye opener. This helped me identify several weaknesses and equipped me with the tools to overcome those weaknesses and regain my confidence Creator of Ninja Online Dating.

My online dating journey began over 10 years ago when I moved to San Diego. I work in an office at a typical jobs as a software engineer, so I had to take a different approach to meet women online.

I understand how frustrating online dating can be and was once in your shoes. I was the poster boy for online dating failure until I "figured it out. I've become an expert at online dating, and I want to help you start conversations and date the high caliber women you deserve. Still On The Fence? How can I be so sure? They all tell me how much this system has changed their lives; meeting women, dating, casual romances, and fulfilling relationships to name a few.

So, I reached out by email and phone asking others who once had doubts like you to figure out why you might say "no" to downloading this system. After trading emails with guys and spending several hours of discussions and analysis, I can only think of three possible reasons that would prevent you from downloading the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System today:.

Brother, you need to shake your disbelief because there ARE women who are online looking to meet you. You Want To Succeed? First, You Need To Shake Your Misconceptions About Women On Dating Sites.

There are a lot of misconceptions men have about women online which are simply false. Let's look at some common things that aren't true:. And the list goes on. Men have excuses for women not to choose them which is sad because if you have this mindset, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

No more excuses. Women are looking for you RIGHT NOW on your dating site You just need to learn the right way to stand out. One thing is true though; women have a large pool of men to choose from so why should someone pick you? You need to stand out, show confidence, and grab her attention if you want to meet someone.

Just Because Your Friends And Family Tell You That You're A Catch, Doesn't Mean Women See It - I Will Teach You How To Show Women You Are THE ULTIMATE Catch On Any Dating Site.

You need the best dating profile possible and a messaging system to show women you're worth meeting. I will show you how to highlight your strengths and shatter all your misconceptions about how women look at you on your dating site. I understand your reservation. Believe me, I tried everything myself at first. I purchased a few guides from dating gurus, read books, even went to dating forums asking for help.

Nothing worked. My skepticism grew because each time I tried a new "suggested" approach to meet women, it failed. I was frustrated and almost quit. I took all that information and made changes which ultimately had a HUGE positive impact on my results. Once I figured out how to create an amazing profile, I spent months mastering conversations, and I was able to get responses, meet, and date, the women I wanted never having to settle like so many guys end up doing.

Now it's your chance to take all the information from hundreds of studies PLUS a unique messaging system and run with it. Your skepticism will vanish once you start seeing blistering results. Science has done the initial research. Then I came in and painstakingly gathered hundreds of studies for you, organized them and tested them so you can put up a dating profile guaranteed to work. The sheer volume of tips is so large, I had to create a course for each section of your dating profile.

Tack on my hand-picked, fully tested, best messaging techniques showing you how to rapidly move from online conversations to offline dates in as few as 5 messages and you can't lose This stuff flat out works.

I understand the money issue. I don't like spending money on anything. Most people give you 30 days which shows you how much confidence they have in their product. Who else gives you a full year test drive these days? Of anything? Isn't It Time For You To Make A Connection And Establish A Long-Term Relationship With A Woman You Deserve.

If you want women to know how this system works - I'll happily walk you through the steps to get you started. Click this lin k - or the button down below - to take the first step to get the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System. Don't worry; it's simple and fast. Rest easy, you have a full year to use this system, and I will happily refund your investment no questions asked but let's be honest, that will be the last thing on your mind once you quickly see results.

Here's what I want you to do after that Once you make your investment, you'll receive a link from an encrypted site which will allow you to download each course instantly. I want you to download the "Ninja Online Dating Mastery Getting Started" guide first and turn to page 3 where I outline the steps you follow to create your new or revised hypnotic dating profile.

It's critical you understand the "big picture" and what it takes to succeed online. Your dating profile is the foundation of success for online dating. Once you've finished your profile, it's time for you to message women. Open the "Amazing Icebreakers" course and read the first 5 pages because this will give you an overview of the right approaches to start conversations with women. Go to your dating site and turn to page 16 of the "Amazing Icebreakers" course to learn the right way of commenting on a woman's dating profile.

Find women you want to talk to, then send some messages, and await your responses. Here Is Just A Taste Of What You Get With Your Mastery System. Discover THE BEST photos which grab women's attention and create an amazing bio where Women Initiate Conversations! Create a Fully Optimized Profile that's so good , Women Contact You First!

The Ultimate Dating App bonus guide shows you How To Create A Mesmerizing Bio On Any Dating App like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge! Page 7 of the Power Words List supplement shows you THIS Hypnotic Word women can't help but respond to when seeing on your bio!

Turn to page 16 of the Amazing Icebreakers course and Discover the Right Way to Start Conversations or Quickly Start Conversations with a phrase which Grabs Women's Attention because it Shows Confidence. You'll find it on page 30 of the Amazing Icebreakers course. On Page 2 of the Seal The Deal course, you will find a Phrase Which Guarantees women give you their number because it Shows Confidence. Page 12 of the Seal The Deal course gives you a Sure-Fire Phrase which Ensure Women Instantly Send Their Number!

When Your Bio Is Created Using The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System, Women Swipe Right - Always! It's All Here - Everything You Need To Master Online Dating On EVERY DATING SITE So You Can Get Responses - And Dates - At Breakneck Speed! What if this system could help you get just ONE date with a beautiful woman? How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? For most men, it would be priceless.

How amazing will it be once you add someone special to your life? It can only make your life BETTER. I wish I would have been able to buy this knowledge when I started online dating because it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration figuring it all out. Advantages vs. Disadvantages Of Downloading The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System Today. Unsure if this can help you?

Still, have some doubts? Think about where your dating life stands today and where you want it to go. Here are your choices as I see them right now:. D o N othing. That's all there is to it. Once you access the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System, you can hit the ground running on any dating site. The sooner you get the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System in your hands, the sooner you can revise your dating profile into a scientifically proven chick magnet which makes YOU more attractive to women and get you more dates PLUS get your hands on a messaging system which shows you how to easily start conversations with women.

Stop running in circles trying to figure it out. Save time and download the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System System so you can rapidly meet women. S: This won't be around forever. I'm only offering this system - at this price - while this page is still up which won't be very long. Who else gives you a FULL-YEAR risk-free test drive these days? Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: What is the Ninja Online Dating Mastery System? It's an easy to follow system comprised of two different courses which help you meet and date women:. Dating Profile Guide - shows you how to put up a profile women are hardwired to respond to and creates instant attraction using proven techniques backed by science.

I have read hundreds of studies, blogs, books, and done my own testing to put up a dating profile that stands head and shoulders above every other guy. Simple Messaging System - takes you from your initial messages, shows you how to lead conversations, and finally, how to get women's phone numbers so you can meet in the fastest time possible.

It's not a simple "copy and paste" approach to messaging. It's a comprehensive, easy to learn program teaching you how to create messages women respond to. It is CRITICAL you have a profile that compliments your messages. You want a profile showing you are the ultimate catch and you want messages that grab a woman's attention.

The Ninja Online Dating Mastery System ensures you have a fully optimized dating profile and the perfect opening messages to succeed on dating sites. Question: How long does it take to access this system? You will be sent an email with a link to all your courses which you can download so you can get up and running fast.

Download your courses and read the "Getting Started Guide" which outlines the steps to follow. Ideally, you will create or revise your dating profile before sending messages. I can virtually guarantee this will work for you in as little as 15 minutes. I encourage you to read each course so you can fix your dating profile first, and then discover how to start conversations with women and how to transition from your opening message to asking them out.

I don't care how old you are, what you look like, if you're shy, divorced, or live at home with your parents; you will crush it on dating sites with this system in your back pocket. It weeds out the freebie-seekers and guys who aren't serious about meeting women. I only want this in the hands of guys who are ready to take action and make changes today. If you download this system, I know you're dead serious about meeting women, and that's the type of man I am here to help.

I spend an incredible amount of money each month on dating sites to remain current. I am usually on 5 or 6 sites testing and retesting to ensure this system works and continues to work so you'll always have an edge. Believe me, if you're a paying member on Zoosk, Eharmony, Match, Coffeemeetsbagel, OkCupid, and POF at the same time as I am, it gets expensive.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about online dating and how it is now an essential tool for singles to use when dating. Online dating, much like anything, takes a bit of getting used to and a lot of understanding before getting any real benefit out of it. I decided to write a follow up blog explaining just how to work the online dating system.

Stand out as much as possible: An overwhelming majority of online dating profiles are forgettable, at best. Poor quality photos, canned summaries, and unrealistic expectations of their ideal match are the biggest turnoffs. If you are the latter, you need to up your profile game.

Before just throwing something up on a profile, really take the time to craft your story. Why should anyone care to get to know you? What do you do, know, or believe that makes you unique? Make sure your photos are recent, of excellent quality, and show you in the BEST light possible seriously, natural light WORKS. Just make sure that it is consistent with the story. The more frequent you log in and interact with people, the better your chances of finding a match.

Make it a point to log in and interact or respond to messages at least 2 to 3 times a week. Inconsistent online daters are not dating, they are lurking. This person is okay, but I think I can find better.

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Here in this system, complexity refers to the total number of features being provided to users, and their smooth arrangement and functioning required. Following is some of the key features of our system, which distinguishes it from others:.

This system involves its own database to be maintained. As the information or details about the products are stored in the database like RDBMS, online databases on a paid basis like firebase, etc. for the server-side functionalities. The application design contains two modules one is for the customers who wish to buy the articles.

And another is for the store owners who maintain and updates the information regarding the articles and about the customers. The end-user to use this product are the common people for whom the application is to be hosted on the web and the admin maintains the database. The entries for products, into the application, can be made through various screens designed for various levels of users.

As soon as, the authorized personnel feeds the relevant data into the system, several reports are generated based on the security policy used. Our designed online shopping system provides a 24×7 service, that is customers can surf the website, place orders anytime they wish to.

Also, the delivery system works 24×7 hours a week. Some of the features that can be modified and added to this system in the future involve its implementation by local shopkeepers, where shops will be providing an online interface to customers for shopping and placing orders. Then some delivery persons can perform their work. This will be adding on benefit for the customers as it will save their time, plus it adds on for the shopkeepers also, as people will continue to shop from local shops rather than preferring to supermarkets every time.

Also, since the deliveries from these local vendors will not be as time-consuming as these days Flipkart, Amazon, etc. take but rather will be delivered the same day of an order placed. Again, return or exchange will be easy since the delivery boy can even do it as the store is nearby. Including a chatbox for public benefit is also a great idea via which people can directly have a conversation with some officials regarding any type of queries.

The process of gathering information, diagnosing the problems, then interpreting facts is known as System analysis. It also includes recommending system improvements needed, based on the same data. The system is observed as a whole, the inputs need to be identified first before running them and then the system is subjected to study as a whole to identify the problem areas. The solutions are given as a proposal. The suggestion is revised on user request and optimal changes are made.

This loop terminates as soon as the user is gratified with the proposal. So, on the whole, system analysis is done to improve the system performance by monitoring it and obtaining the best throughput possible from it.

Therefore, system analysis plays a crucial role in designing any system. The present scenario for shopping is to visit the shops and market manually and then from the available product list one needs to choose the item he or she wants and then pay for the same item mainly in cash mode is done, as not every society is well educated and aware to use net banking or card modes or wallets etc.

This system is not much user-friendly as one needs to go to the market physically and then select items only from the available list. So mostly it is difficult to get the product as per our desire. Description About the products is less available and are mostly verbal only. For this type of shopping, one needs to have an ample amount of free time. Also, not really good markets exist everywhere, so many times good markets become out of reach for certain people.

In the proposed system customers need not go to the shops for purchasing the products. The shop owner can be the admin of the system. The shop owner can appoint officials particularly to handle this, who will help the owner in managing the customers and product orders.

The system also endorses a home delivery system for delivering the purchased products. Here we have different Entities such as Online Shop, Customer, Product, Payment, Cart, Brand let looks one by one which is as follow:. This is the entity representing the whole online shopping system which further contains several other entities describing the entire application. The customers are for whom the system is being designed. Its attribute set includes:.

This is the name of the customer, searching or purchasing the products. It is the composite attribute that contains two more attributes that are First Name and Last-named. This is the identification number assigned by the admin to the users so as to identify them uniquely in the future. This identification number is helpful in fetching data of the individual user from a big set.

This is mainly to manage the huge database system where the entire data is being stored. This is also a composite attribute that is divided into address1 and address2. These address1 contains house no. and lane no. It involves the email address of the user, which can be used for sending advertisements or offers, to the user in the future, once the user becomes a part of the family and has signed up to the website.

The user should enter a valid email address and not a fraudulent one, as the email id is verified at the time of sign-up only. This is the entity representing the items that customers choose to buy. It can be added to the cart once the user likes it and then can be easily confirmed for order.

This is the name of the product by which it is identified and decided that in which category the user will be searching it and where the user can find this. This is the unique product identifier assigned to the items in the store so as to uniquely identify them, in condition if two products have the same name are available in the store.

At that time the seller will update the record of the product based on this identity number, in the database. It is one of the most important attributes since most of the time people change their shopping list contents depending upon their needs and economic situation. So, for them to know the actual MRP is most important in making decisions for what to buy and what not to.

This is for the items that belong to some brands, and are kept in the store. Most people these days prefer buying branded items. The name of the brand often invites a crowd to buy their products no matter what the content is. So, the brand name is as important to maintain as the product. A small place for the user to reserve their choice for checking and finalizing till they end their shopping.

This is provided for a small period of time, that is till the user is in an active session. The cart in this system is kept to be the same as the wish list. The number of individual items along with the total number of items the user has finalized for purchasing is maintained under this. So that it is to the knowledge of customers that what all have they bought.

And also, the store needs to maintain a record of how many items they have sold and how much is required to bring more in the lot. This attribute manages the total price sum of the purchase or transaction user has made in one attempt. It defines the payment to be done by the customer for purchasing the products from the web store at a worthwhile price. Also, various security encryption mechanisms have been used, so the customer details of accounts and other credentials are safe and secure.

There are many choices available for net banking, use of wallets like pay and I-cash cards, also credit card and debit card options are available too. It is for the benefit of the user as well as the website owners since the pay-id is helpful in maintaining the payment record in the database, as well as it is also provided to the customer after the successful completion of payment. As later customers can claim anytime that they have already done the payments and the owners cannot deny.

It is the record of the total sum amount the user needs to pay, and after the payment, it is used to update the server-side database to keep the record of the net profit or loss on daily basis. So, this is the overall process of making the Online Shopping system worked, and the user can get the policy without any headache of the agent and sometimes do not need to provide a commission to them. This feature will provide information about the owner, team members or partners and developers, information like the ranking of the website, average daily page visits, and journey like when the system was launched, from where does the motivation came from will be included.

In this section, we have provided the contact number and proper email address, so that the customers can anytime write to us with any queries or complaints. Also, their valuable feedbacks are always heartily welcomed. And our special team is ready to solve their problems and serve them the better way possible.

This particular layout is used when we need some of the real talents to be a part of our business, by providing job openings. Using which people interested can apply and therefore will undergo further processes to get selected.

This is one of the main tasks of the developer to design a graphical user interface that the user attracts to and can use easily; in one word it should be user-friendly.

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